London Comic Con

Hello! I’ve started my new blog, because I’ve realised there are so many memories I want to record and look back on. Hopefully this blog will remain unlike so many of my other blogs now that are left forgotten in the dark raptures of the internet. I also want to let all my friends and family know about my life. Since I don’t seem to sit still in one place for very long, I thought this might be a good place to let everyone know what I’m up to.

So first things first, I went to London Comic Con, formerly known as the London Expo. London Expo was targeted for mainly anime fans, but most recently the organisers have successfully transformed their image to overall geek fest, with fans of Western comics, video-games and cult dramas turning up. I’ve been going to the London MCM Expo on and off for the last 6 years and I have to say  I was taken back by how much the event has changed. Literally thousands of people were queuing up inside Excel Convention centre to get inside.  It was almost as busy as Tokyo Game Show and that is saying something for an event that started with such humble beginnings. There were many people of interest at the event, including Ali Hillis (Lightning, FFXIII) and Courtaney Taylor, ( Ada Wong, RE6) , they were a pleasure to meet despite having a huge queue of people waiting to see them, they didn’t seem tired or remotely bothered by it.  I also had the chance to see Adam Howden, (Anders, Dragon II).

Of course, many people at the show turn up in cosplay and I was not an exception. It’s good to see a variety of cosplayers at the event instead of the usual Narutos and Zeldas, people spiced things up with Commander Shepherds, Lollipop Chainsaw and other new video-game series.  However, despite having a larger number of attendees and more guests, there were things which did disappoint. Although the event is much larger with far more attendees than ever before, the organisers didn’t seem to take into account that possibly a wider space might be needed so although there were many things to do and see at this year’s event, it was almost impossible to do anything in such a enclosed space.

Overall though, I enjoyed it, the event suffers from a lack of organisation and planning, making many of the attendees frustrated and bitter. Though, the fact it can draw so many visitors is also a sign of progression, events like TGS still have overcapacity issues and lack of pre-planning so maybe their is still chance for London Comic Con to sort itself out and become an event to match San Diego, but I don’t think it will be happen any time soon.