ARTNIA : Square Enix Cafe in Tokyo!

You may have not realised, but I’m pretty geeky. It’s a secret. However if any of my previous posts are anything to go by; a complete geek. Of course not that’s not main reason why I moved to Japan, but there are times when living in Tokyo does have its benefits. Square Enix recently opened a new cafe called Artnia, of course the news of the opening got to me fairly quickly. I decided to visit the cafe once my friend Ali had arrived, so we could enjoy the ambience together, like the couple of nerds that we are.  I’m glad I waited.

The Cafe is located in the east of Shinjuku where a large number of department stores are also located.  For the occasion the two of us chose to faux-cosplay, not upright cosplay, but a little nod towards the characters we like. I wore my black leather pants with a plain white t-shirt and converse; channeling Tifa from Advent Children while Ali chose to wear a pink dress with a bolero jean jacket and a ribbon to  the hair for that added Aeris touch. We took our time meandering through Shinjuku’s tricky pedestrian system. The cafe is hidden amongst the Shinjuku skyscrapers close to the E1 exit of Shinjuku Sanchome subway station.  I was excited, even at the age of 24- I found that 17 year old girl breaking through my false mature demeanour.  As soon as we entered we were faced with some curious looks from some would presume Final Fantasy fans; I guess that being newly opened they didn’t expect the foreigner invasion to start so soon. We were offered menus and we excitedly looked through, speaking into the camera we had bought along to record the event. So with further ado -here is our video, please watch like and comment. Or just ignore this post entitrely.


Despite my very unimpressed manner, near the end of the video; I highly recommend it. Especially if you are a Final Fantasy fan, if the cafe part doesn’t interest you, I’m sure the merchandise and materia fountain will. Just make sure to bring plenty of cash with you! Those materia cocktails are very pricey!