Healthy Skin Tips on a Budget

The last two weeks or so I’ve been really thinking about the damage I’ve been doing to my skin.  I’ve realised that at 25 I can no longer take advantage of my youth and the amazing healing qualities it brings. Not saying that I’m getting old, but this is the age where you should really start taking care of your skin, thankfully I’ve researched and found some really good and affordable tips which have already helped me cure some of my skin woes.

1. Aloe Vera Gel

I bought Aloe Vera Gel a couple of days ago and have been using it three times a day,  once I ‘ve finished showering or washing my face I pop some straight on. It has helped reduce 20% of my acne scarring in all areas of my body.  The gel has already reduced inflammation and redness of my face caused by acne and allergies.

2. Facial Wipes

This seems like an obvious one, but you should carry them around with you everywhere. When you sweat a lot you should wipe your skin clean and allow it to breathe. I carry them in my handbag during the summer. I wipe the sweat off from around my forehead to the bottom of my neck, although it does initially cause redness; my skin always looks better ten minutes later.

3. Moisturizer

I always thought that using moisturizer would make my skin break out a lot, but actually not using it does so. When you don’t moisturize, the skin produces more oil and that causes your skin to break out especially when the oil is combined with make-up. Therefore, I make sure that my face is cleaned and dried and then I rub some under my eyes, cheeks and forehead.

4. Tea Tree Oil

Sometimes I use this as an alternative to moisturizer as I’m allergic to milk and creams have made my skin a little red in the past. Tea Tree has amazing healing qualities and reduces the redness of my skin.  It’s a great treatment for acne and also heals my acne scars from years gone by.

5. Two Days a Week without Make-up

Actually so far I’ve been four days without make-up and I can definitely see the difference in my skin already, but if you’re like me and you feel a little naked without some blush and eyeliner then I’ve been told two days is sufficient enough to let your skin breathe and most importantly heal.

6.Reduce Alcohol Intake and Stress Levels

I notice how weathered I look when I’m under a high amount of stress, doing some breathing exercises or taking up yoga can really help you’re skin heal faster and reduce aging.
Reducing alcohol intake has always been a myth made up by beauticians and my mother or so I believed 7 years ago, but it can really reduce the amount of break-outs that can occur if you suffer from acne even in your mid-20s.  I always notice after a night of heavy drinking how bad my skin looks in the morning so have made a conscious effort to stop over indulging. If you do choose to drink, opt for a drink high in anti-oxidants, like red wine.

If these do help, please let me know by contacting me through this blog, thanks and good-luck!